fae cabinet


Image of fae cabinet Image of fae cabinet Image of fae cabinet

a shadow box curated for the curious nature lover! approximate measurements 12.5" x 6.5" x 2". contents include:

-deer vertebra, dried mushrooms, vintage watch face, taper candles, porcelain doll arm
-butterfly wing vial, feathers vial, cat skull
-antique skeleton key, citrine crystal cluster, pressed four leaf clovers (these were found between the pages of a book from 1902)
-quartz crystal point, butterfly wing window locket, snail shells, pressed fern
-acorns, animal ribs vial, labradorite crystal point
-deer vertebra with dried flora, cicada exoskeleton
-lavender vial, antique glass lotion bottle, vintage baby doll, fairy wing charm
-vintage amber glass bottle, hidden mother & baby tin type photo, blinky doll eye, vintage watchmaker vial filled with shed snake skin
-book pages are from a 1916 medical text